1 The WISDOM Homes

To interweave the best knowledge across a variety of fields to produce homes that are beautiful and responsible.

The prefabricated, certified WISDOM Homes come in a variety of sizes and finishes. But WISDOM Homes are different from other houses, and it’s not just that we’re continuously refining and improving each home to the highest degree of beauty, efficiency, durability and affordability. It begins with our interdisciplinary design process and continues even as we’re handing over the keys to your home.

Our principle is to keep it simple. And simplicity is reflected in all our house designs through the architecture, the construction method and passive optimization.

The WISDOM Home is the first prototype home we are building and it’s taking form as Valhalla’s Sustainability Learning Center. This prototype will put our WISDOM homes through rigorous testing through frequent, daily traffic, enabling us to refine and further develop all future models.

We’ve put the wisdom in Valhalla’s Sustainability Learning Center!


2 Permit Level Designs

The Valhalla Villa design is not the only one we’ve developed! Enter the TINY HOUSE and EVER HOME plans. These blueprints are ready for you to acquire in order to support our prototype project and are the precursor to official construction plans that will be delivered upon completion of the Valhalla Sustainability Learning Center.

We’ve been developing 3 sizes to suit the modern dweller. More information will be coming soon, so be sure to check back on our progress. Drawings are available for download as part of our funding campaign. Support us now and receive free upgrades to the permit-level drawings as revisions become available.


The most energy efficient Tiny House! With 308 sq. ft. of floor space and a 105 sq. ft. loft, this smart design is optimized for simplicity and comfort.


Intrinsic energy efficiency and flexible living spaces combine to assure that this single-story, 902 sq. ft. home performs to the highest level of simplicity and comfort.


At approximately 1200sqft, our medium-sized model is ideal for home-owners wanting extra space for family or work, while still looking for the highest level of efficiency and comfort.